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M-Power Lubricants

Lithium Complex Grease MP2 18KG Pail

Lithium Complex Grease MP2 18KG Pail


M- Power Multipurpose Grease MP2 is a High Quality, Multipurpose, NLGI 2 grade, lithium hydroxy stearate grease based on an ISO VG 150 mineral oil. It is formulated to provide added protection against rusting and water washout in general purpose automotive applications at moderate temperatures and loads.


  • Heavy duty bearings and general industrial lubrication
  • Heavy duty plain and rolling element bearings operating under harsh conditions including shock loading in wet environments.
  • Operation under the temperature range- 20 degree C to 100 degree C for bearings operating at75% of the maximum rated speed (Can withstand up to 120degree C intermittently)



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