About Us

Parts-Link (Fiji) PTE Limited’s  Director hails from a business background.

With years of experience in the heavy machinery industry, buying and consuming Lubricants for his own company, in a wide scale and a variety of Oil and Lubes and  has a capacity to feel the importance of buying quality oil and lubes for his company. Hence realizes how important it is for the general public from a customers point of view  to purchase the right product  in conjunction with the machinery and equipment suppliers guide.

Parts- Link (Fiji) PTE Limited are a privately owned company and are proud suppliers of Oil and Lubes of their own Brand M-Power Pro.

Their products are smartly designed and tested in New Zealand packed in Malaysia and Imported to Fiji.

M- Power Pro suppliers believe in quality customer service and are suppliers of an extensive range of premium quality virgin automotive and industrial lubricants. The difference with M- Power Pro is that we manufacture supply and distribute our own range of premium lubricants, giving our valued customers peace of mind of knowing they are dealing with a products where large business owners and companies have already taken our products onboard and testified its standard and performance.

We don’t just supply – we provide great service added value and local Demand

  • M- Power Brand is a wholly a Fijian -owned company, with a team of New Zealand experienced members who also understand the local market.
  • M- Power brand suppliers are supplying the most comprehensive range of lubricant products of any oil company operating in the Region
  • We package in all sizes from 1Ltr through to 200 Litre Drums in bulk quantities
  • M- Power range of Oil product includes quality products packed and supplied exclusively by the company
  • Our M- Power brand products will be provided to you the very next business day from the time of order and we pride ourselves on servicing orders as a priority.


M- Power Brand is wholly a Fijian -owned with a team of New Zealand experienced members who also understand the local market.