Oils and Lubes M-Power Pro 200 Litre Range

Our Products come in several sizes Ranging from 1 Lire to 200Litres.

The 1 Litre to 20 Litres is available to purchase online as well as directly from the premises or online with a credit card or debit card or an online transfer. Products can be picked up from the premises at 1 Kings Road Yalalevu Ba or can be delivered by Courier to you. Please note there will be a delivery charge as specified on our website when purchasing.

Our 200 Litre drum sizes for M-Power Pro products are also available to purchase either by direct pickup or through delivery. Please text or call +64 21753470

Oils and Lubes 200Litre Range- M-Power Pro

 Multi Gear EP85w/140

SAE 14w-40 CJ4 Engine Oil

Industrial Gear Oil EP 220

Lithium Complex Grease EP2 

 Multipurpose grease MP2 180KG

SAE 15w-40 CJ4 Engine Oil

SAE 40 Mono Engine Oil CF40

SAE 50 Mono Engine Oil CF50

Industrial Gear Oil EP220

Industrial Gear Oil EP320

Hydraulic Oil AW 68

Hydraulic Oil AW 46

Multi Gear  EP 85w-140

M- Power Brand is wholly a Fijian -owned with a team of New Zealand experienced members who also understand the local market.